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Hey y’all,

My name is Vanessa .D. Bello, the Founder and Chef of Pop’N’Chop: a catering company based in the Midlands, United Kingdom, with an online food blog. The Pop'N'Chop website features a variety of dishes from Nigeria to various parts of the world as well as drinks from different cultures or special mixtures created by yours truly. Each blog post aims to include a brief history/origination of the dish, ingredients, recipes (with a step by step guide) and calorie count. It will also feature my personal opinions about each dish and whether it has my stamp of approval or not. Being a foodie, I will also feature meals from my visit to restaurants.

About Me

So, WHO IS VANESSA? Well I'am a foodie with a BEng in Chemical Engineering and MSc in Engineering Management. Being the only girl in the family, I started cooking from a young very age and gradually fell in love with cooking. Over time, I began developing my own recipes and creating meals from the weirdest ingredients, infusing different flavours from all over the world. Having worked as a waitress and a bartender for four years, this helped me with my cocktail creation and food presentation. Subsequently I found myself catering different events: from dinner parties to concerts and of course, suggestions starting pouring in about what to do with this skill.

After encouragements from family & friends and a word from my God, I thought why not? LET'S DO IT and there we have it! POP’N’CHOP IS HERE



Vanessa D. Bello

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