WELCOME! Pop'N'Chop Is Here

Hello! Hello! Hello! and welcome to Pon'N'Chop, a unique food blog, passionate about combining beautiful presentation with delicious flavours and a touch of history and health benefits. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Vanessa D. Bello, the Founder and Chef at Pop’N’Chop. I am a foodie with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Although Engineering is my career path, it's not my passion: cooking is.

For the longest time, I've gone back and forth, deliberating what to do with my cooking skills. No joke, I remember cooking for the first time before the age of ten and got the 'Aunty' title before I turned 15. Being the only girl in the family living at home, I began cooking from a young age and gradually fell in love with cooking. Over time, I began developing my own recipes and creating meals from the weirdest ingredients, infusing different flavours from all over the world. Having worked as a waitress and a bartender for four years, this helped me with my cocktail creation and food presentation.

This blog has been a long time coming and after ideas from people and a word from my God, I though why not? LETS DO IT and there we have it! POP’N’CHOP IS HERE

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